Copywriting Services

If you’re looking for a brochure, a new website or an annual report, you’ve come to the right place. (I’d say the ‘write’ place but that would be cheesy…)

My copywriting services range from online to offline. From short and snappy to indepth. I can produce everything from leaflets to white papers and ebooks.

And whatever your copywriting needs, I will make you sound fabulous.


Website Copy

OK, here’s the scary part. You have about 3 seconds to engage a reader visiting your website. Too much waffle on your site? Oops, they’ve clicked and gone!

Working with me means that you will get web copy that grabs attention.

Short words. Short sentences. Copy that gets to the point quickly and sells the benefits.

I’ll work with your web design team to make sure the whole process goes smoothly. What I definitely won’t do is just rewrite your brochure copy and stick it online. (Please don’t do that. Ever).



You spend a fortune on quality paper, photography and good design. Don’t let it fall down because you haven’t used the right words. Or because it’s full of bad grammar and typing mistakes.

What you’ll get from me is copy that uses the right tone and presents your company perfectly. From creative sponsorship proposals to interesting annual reports. Your copy will make you sound perfect for your ideal customer.

What’s more, I’ll work with your designers to hit your deadlines and get your marketing out there working for you.


Press Releases

You want to feature in the press. Of course you do, it’s free marketing after all. But no-one seems to be interested in what you have to say. Why?

Press releases are different from any other type of writing. They have to speak the language of editors and journalists. They have to be newsworthy. Getting to the heart of the story quickly and clearly is the key.

I can help you turn your press releases from bland industry jargon into stories that editors will want to print.


Email Campaigns

In today’s market you have to use different methods of communication for different people. And that can be a pain to manage. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Snappy subject headers. Short, concise messages. I’ll create email campaigns that will help you make more sales. I can even advise on setting up your email marketing in the first place, and make sure less of your emails end up in that folder called ‘Spam’.


Interested in finding out more? Check out my Portfolio for examples of my work or call me for a chat about how I can help you. My contact details are over there on the right.